Sean Bennett has been providing media and political commentary on WLS AM 890 Chicago, nationally syndicated radio, Sirius/XM radio, and TV on WYCC Channel 20 through the show Beyond The Beltway with Bruce DuMont since 2010 as the resident Libertarian with Independent tendencies.
Sean Bennett, a serial entrepreneur concert pianist neuroscientist polymath, has been researching political theory for many years, formatively working with Noam Chomsky in the period from 2000-2001. His political ideology further matured as a Gates Scholar.
He has developed an original political theory called "Freeopoly" which will be published as a book in 2015.
He hopes his political ideology will assist with alleviating poverty throughout the world while simultaneously maximizing individual liberty.

Selected shows

On the Colorado Shootings and the Presidential Election
On Obama and Gay Marriage
On the Presidential Election Campaign
On the use of Feminist Issues in the Presidential Campaign
On the Republican Primaries in the South
Recap of 2011 and Predictions for 2012
On the Arab Spring
On the Death of Osama Bin Laden
On Civil Unions and Don't Ask Don't Tell
On Don't Ask Don't Tell (in hour 2 only)

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Contact Sean: "sean at" for more information and for speaking and media engagement requests. Non-profit groups please include "non-profit" in the subject line for pro bono requirements.

Sean Bennett, P.O. Box 409359, Chicago, IL 60640